Country music legend star, Dick Flood, is a talented musician, singer, and songwriter from the Nashville music scene lasting from January 1956 until January 1973. His 17 year career started out as a singing duet with ‘The Country Lads’  in the Jimmy Dean morning show on network TV. Over the years Dick Flood traveled with his band ‘The Pathfinders’ world wide playing in live shows, on TV programs, for prisons and military bases in the far east as a civilian performer during the Vietnam War where his music capture the hearts of his audience. As a composer, his music establish a reputation for B-side recordings for artist legends like Roy Orbison, Wayne Walker, and George Hamilton VI. His hit song ‘Troubles Back In Town’ stayed number one in the Country charts for quite some time, and became the signature song of the Wilburn Brothers. In 1962, ‘Troubles Back In Town’ put Dick Flood in the Nashville Country Music Hall of Fame as the writer of the number one country song of the year. His tenure with record labels like Monument, Columbia’s Epic Records and Kapp Records helped build Dick Flood’s duly impressive career as a Nashville recording artist. In the early 1970s, urged by a much stronger inner feeling, Dick Flood left the Nashville scene and disappeared into the Okefenokee Swamp in South Eastern Georgia, re-inventing himself as a nature loving, singing, story telling, renegade South Georgia swamp man, Okefenokee Joe.